Economics and fear

I’ve been observing, as many of you have, the recent economic crisis in America. What is happening will be remembered in American economic history. Our children’s children will surely read about the stock markets of 2008. I don’t claim to understand everything that is going on, it is a complicated situation with multiple factors, causes,Continue reading “Economics and fear”

The Olive Reckoning

Okay so I’ve just finished my olive search, find, and tasting. Come to find out, the grocery store up the road has an impressive selection of Mediterranean cuisine. Okay, cuisine might be an overstatement, mostly it was just an olive bar with some red peppers, tomatoes, and something that should be illegal called Bocconini. TheContinue reading “The Olive Reckoning”

Some food for eternal damnation thought…

I’ve been throwing around some passages that I came across and I wanted some feedback. Heaven and earth will be joined together in Christ (Eph. 1:10). But not just heaven as in the place of eternal bliss in the presence of God’s power, but the supernatural realm and the natural realm. There is more toContinue reading “Some food for eternal damnation thought…”