Economics and fear

I’ve been observing, as many of you have, the recent economic crisis in America. What is happening will be remembered in American economic history. Our children’s children will surely read about the stock markets of 2008. I don’t claim to understand everything that is going on, it is a complicated situation with multiple factors, causes, and claims.

I do understand one thing that is driving the economy into a recession and that is fear. I find it ironic that this machine that we call the “American economy” can be shaken by fear, mistrust, and lack of faith in the system. This means that the money out there, isn’t really money at all but simply numbers and human faith. And if I believe in you and you believe in me then everything works smoothly. The book “The Emperors New Clothes” comes to mind. I can honestly tell you, as a husband and father of 2, that I have had to battle real fear in my heart due to the recent economic circumstances.

During the Presidential Nominee debate last Tuesday, questions were directed by American citizens to the nominees. As I observed the questions, and sensed their frustration, the message that became clear was, “How are you [McCain or Obama] going to protect my money?” Do I blame them? Have hundreds of thousands of my dollars been instantly liquidated? No. But I have sense that if America votes according to fear of loss we will be further down a slippery slope in 2 years. Why? Because it’s this exact fear that is crippling the system. How can we expect the cause to save the effect?

For wisdom is a defense, even as money is a defense; but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom preserveth the life of him that hath it. Ecc 7:12

I want to pose a question to all of us: “Will America’s morality be sacrificed if her bank accounts are?”

3 thoughts on “Economics and fear

  • Hey Isaac, by the way my blog is ancientdoors, in case you were wondering who send greetings from Jerusalem.
    To the topic of fear and finances I read some good translation of Matthew 6:22
    The eye is the lamp of the body… Read the context – it is all about money.
    so this translation I was reading is from a messianic Jew which means he knows more than us culture wise….. ok, he says that a good eye talks about being generous – the bad eye talks about being stingy….
    different then how I interpreted this scripture before.
    may you and the family be blessed with finances!

  • Daniel Lim gave (and is about to give again) an excellent teaching on the house of God and economic shaking. You should get the notes, or watch it if possible.

  • Yeah, if you mean their vote will be driven by thier wallet, I think we will absoluetly do that. I believe it is a strong reason why this has come in the hour that it has.

    I mean think about it, you have Sarah Palin join McCain’s ticket and a huge resurgence comes back towards John McCain. A couple weeks later, the economy speeds it unraveling and the tide turns instantly. Any gains tath had been made in the McCain camp evaperates as fast as the market did.

    I think God is up to something, and in His mercy, He is exposing our hearts to reveal what really drives us as a people. He’s hoping somebody will realize what they have done and turn.

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