Yesterday’s post?

This morning I drove up to the gas station to get some real coffee. It actually isn’t that bad (as I’m still drinking it); the undertone flavors, however, were reminiscent of used socks. As I headed to the checkout counter, I spot the USA Today sitting on a pile near the register. My eyes shot to the headline “Fear’s a slippery slope for stocks”. Apparently the writer for USA today and myself are on the same wavelength. Mine from a biblical perspective (respectively) and theirs from a liberal media perspective (respectively). The result? Some of the same language used. Interesting.

Yesterday’s quote from my post: “I do understand one thing that is driving the economy into a recession and that is fear.”

And: I have sense that if America votes according to fear of loss we will be further down a slippery slope in 2 years.

Granted, this paper wasn’t from today. Being Sunday, I didn’t want to lug a 2-foot-thick paper back to the prayer rooom. But I can honestly say that I didn’t read the USA Today when I wrote my post, and I didn’t know about the article.

A couple excerpts from that article (taken from USA Today – 10/10)

“The S&P is on track for its worst year sine 1931.”

The Dow’s 23.0% drop in nine trading days since the House of Representatives’ initial “no” vote on the bailout equals the drop in the Oct. 19, 1987, stock market crash.

Ah man! I just spilled my sock coffee all over my prized paper!!! Oh well, so much for my prophetic idol to legitimize “Isaac B Ministries”. When I went to get paper towels, I had an epiphany that “Automatic” paper towel dispensers should have an emergency switch to dose out paper towels in a frenzy instead of 1 towel every 5 minutes…

One thought on “Yesterday’s post?

  • the coffee ethic is in springfield, but if you end up going there will you give me a call? It would be great to see you! heehee.
    I liked the last two posts. Very true about fear. I think everyone is saying it. You know what I find interesting, that my gas today was the lowest I’ve paid for it in years: $2.49 to be exact. The stock market may be crashing but by gosh I filled up my tank for next to nothing today. 🙂

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