Interpreting the Times

Crisis is like a ray of light upon our darkened motives. Many think that because America is a superpower among the nations today, she will be tomorrow. Many think it odd that there isn’t clear reference to America in prophetic scripture and they attempt to squeeze America in. Sadly, the misinterpretation of scripture has lead many to a false hope and sense of security in America and her motives.

The primary vehicle of interpretation in world events (including religious, economic, and political) is the media. The media reports, without bias (yeah right), the events that have happened and then interprets those events through their programs and articles. They seek to shape, and have effectively done so, the outlook and perspective of Americans. Though sometimes what they report is true, they can still manipulation desicions and events by what they don’t report. For them, it’s more than simply “getting the truth” out there; it’s about retaining control. If something they report will cause them to lose control or make them unpopular, they simply won’t report it.

Think of what the media (including cnn, abcnews, bbc, foxnews, espn, drudge) is actually doing – they’re telling you what happened yesterday. There are billions of dollars invested into a system that has produced a reactionary culture. We can’t see past today. Therefore, America has chosen to live today based on what happened yesterday. Today, people all across this nation will base base their choices, perceptions, and emotions on the 900-point stock market gain from yesterday.

I’m coming to realize that prophetic revelation and a steadfastness in the Word are incredibly valuable. It empowers the heart to see past today and into the plan and will of God. When we see His plan, when we understand His will, it causes our hearts to remain steadfast in the midst of trial.

Daniel tells of a people of understanding who “shall instruct many”(Dan. 11:33). These people aren’t reacting to the crisis in the earth, but they are empowered by boldness through revelation. The Lord intended believers to know what was going to happen before it actually happened. That is why there are 100+ passages in the bible that tell of end times. God wants His people to have understanding and to be prepared. One of the primary functions of the prayer movement in the end times will be the interpretation of the times. This will be used as a tool primarily to remain faithful to the Lord, and secondarily as a witness to unbelievers concerning the coming of Jesus.

What has been your response to the recent events?

3 thoughts on “Interpreting the Times

  • Well written, Isaac… Being back out in the marketplace, I hear so many conversations between my co-workers about what is going on in the economy and I would say about 99% of their emotions that are being conveyed are based in fear. Fear of a recession, fear of what the future holds for their finances, fear of a lot of different things. Thinking about what my response has been to all of this, I see nothing but the grace of the Lord in my life. I can’t imagine walking through all of this without knowing that my Hope lies in the Lord and not matter how big the national deficit gets, He won’t change. I want to see all of this as an invitation… an invitation to go deeper in the Word, to lean on Him more, to fully understand that He is our only true Hope and that all else is fading away. Good stuff, good stuff…

  • At first, (at first means probably about 2 months ago?) i watched the news quite a bit. wondering what cnn had to say and then flipping it to fox news to hear what they were saying. I wised up pretty quickly though as I began to get ear shock from all the spin on all the content. It reminds me of politics – maybe because this is the election year and really it’s all about politics.. Anyway, not to be trusted, and not much gain in listening to it. I struggle with it sometimes because I want to be informed on what is happening in the world but have a hard time digesting other people group’s biases and trying to constantly weed them out. All of this to say, my trust is in the Lord and like what Jen Mc said – that He doesn’t change. I find myself more than ever just wanting to partner with Him and find out what He is thinking and doing on the earth today. I’m desperate to be with Him where He is, and to be a friend of God in this hour.
    With that said it’s time to go hang out with Jesus…
    oh yeah, I like what you said about news being about what happened yesterday. I had never thought of it like that. cool.

  • I have been watching for this to happen for years. Now that it is here, I find a mixture of emotions, some which I didn’t really count on. My primary reaction has been to press in to know the Lord’s heart on it all. I have an urgency and a press in fasting adn prayer so that I may walk worthy in such turblent times as are in front of us. I want to be an able minister of the gospel and have real substance to offer to those who are losing hope.

    I Must have More….

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