Acorns, Israel, and the FBI

Last night was fun for me. I spoke to a group of young people about God’s choice for Israel and man’s rejection of the Lord’s Anointed. There are so many examples of this in scripture. One being 1 Sam 8:7 where the Lord gives a stinging word to the nation of Israel through Samuel the priest, “ they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, for Me to not reign over them“.

Before speaking, a family came up to me and gave us some bread and some pictures they had drawn with Hebrew words on them; as far as I know, they didn’t know I was speaking on Israel. It was really a blessing to me and encouraged me with what I was about to share. Towards the end, the elections were brought up and the subject of foreign policy of the candidates towards Israel. I think it boils down to this – if Obama wins the election, America is going to be in a tough spot in her relations with Israel and, more importantly, with the Lord.

A recent dream from Julie Meyer while she was in England this last week:

I was watching John McCain run around a track.  He was running very very slow and seemed a out of breath. Then a coach who was a black man, with a whistle….like he was a football coach.  He had shorts on and was kind of running along with McCain.  He said to John McCain, “You are down for the count, but not out.’  Then he started shouting, ‘Go  Go  Go  Go’

The dream changed suddenly and I was walking around in Obama’s house, except it was empty.  It had nothing in it, so I started opening up closet doors, and as I opened the closet doors all of these acorns fell out of all his closets. (I did not get this part of the dream, as I was out of the country, and I saw the news last night with all of the ‘ACORN’ stuff going on)

Check this for the current ACORN investigation of voter fraud by the FBI.  This man was bribed by ACORN and registered to vote 71 times. Click here to see that Obama’s campaign denies that he worked with or for ACORN, while here is an article that says otherwise. Foxnews also did a run up on his involvement in with ACORN. I know this is a lot of links and I wouldn’t have posted them had it not been for Julie’s dream.

Interesting stuff…

Pray: God exposes darkness in both candidates; that both candidates come to salvation and the knowledge of Jesus; that God would preserve Israel and America’s relationship with Israel in light of the upcoming elections.

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