Communication and communion

I wouldn’t say that I am experienced. I wouldn’t boast that I have it all together. If I’ve learned anything right, it’s only from doing so many things wrong. Think of yourself 3 years ago. What is the image of the person that comes to your mind? For me, it’s of someone who is sincere in hunger for the Lord and has a desire to have a deep relationship with his wife; join that with a man who seems a little skiddish, maybe naive, and defintely full of ideals that had not yet been tested by time or experience. Three years from now, looking back, I wonder what my thoughts will be of this time now, as I write this.

Relationship with my wife ove the last 3 years of our marriage has been something of what I’d call a nonexchangeable revelation. To go from self sufficient, self reliant, and self absorbed, to poor, dependent, and still self absorbed (haha) has been quite a shock to my 23 year old experience. Entering marriage is like a frozen heart encountering a sudden flame. The heart feels excited by the warmth, but then begins to realize that it cannot turn off (or down) the burner.

As I introspectively analyzed our relationship last night while brushing my teeth, I was determined to find the most important thing in relationship. I thought about love.  Some might say love. But I’ve found that love is different than our society has portrayed. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love chooses meekness. Love is not found in sitcoms. After enjoying the refreshment that came from my Crest toothpaste jazzed with Scope, I came to the conclusion that the most important thing in any relationship is communication. Without communication I do not know my wife and she does not know me. Not just communication on deep heart issues (because mine can be few and far between); communication in all things.

Suddenly my scope (not my toothpaste, my internal view) widened, or maybe focused, on my life in the Lord. He is the Bridegroom and we are the Bride. Therefore, the most important aspect to building and maintaining our relationship with Him is communication. Unbroken, daily, hourly communication. They call this communion in the mystical circles. But it is not mystical at all, nor impractical. In fact, it is necessary for relational strengthening and depth. Communion with the Lord  can be thought of as communication with the Lord. Talking…it’s called prayer. Prayer is the most important thing in our relationship with the Lord. There is nothing that can replicate it or replace it. I cannot simply serve my wife instead of talking to her. I cannot simply mow the law instead of telling her I love her. There is nothing that grows a relationship like communication, and there is nothing that can destroy one like silence.

17 thoughts on “Communication and communion

  • I think communication is love in this sense. If it leads to communion through a deeper exploration of another and letting go of self. If I love another I draw out of them their expression (or communication) of who they are (and who they long to be). I then acknowledge, accept, validate, give affection and cherish that expression. We feel loved when we are seen and known at the deepest levels and cherished for it.

  • amen.

    when i first became involved in the prayer movement i had friends who liked the prayer rooms, but did not like what they considered to be a lack of community, or human-communication. i held strongly to an assertion that true community would “naturally” develop as we stood next to each other, but not facing one another, rather facing the Lord. I believed that somehow i would be knit together with my brother because we were in the same place at the same time doing the same thing, though we were not directly engaging one another. i no longer hold that assertion to be entirely true.

    what do you think?

  • I know exactly what you mean, because I thought that too, but now I don’t believe that assertion to be true at all. I believe that true unity (spiritually) happens when believers agree together with one mind and one heart; like standing together in prayer for a nation or event etc. There is a difference between community and unity. Unity is what the body all shares as believers (Ps. 133), but community is “common-unity” where we are joined to the heart of the Lord and to each other. It’s the manifestation of the 1st AND 2nd commandment. I believe that Jesus was intentional about breaking bread with His disciples and sharing the cup with the one He loved.

    A couple verses I love:

    Mal 3:16 Then those in whom was the fear of the Lord had talk together: and the Lord gave ear, and it was recorded in a book to be kept in mind before him, for those who had the fear of the Lord and gave thought to his name.

    Act 2:42 And they kept their attention fixed on the Apostles’ teaching and were united together in the taking of broken bread and in prayer.

    Act 2:46 And day by day, going in agreement together regularly to the Temple and, taking broken bread together in their houses, they took their food with joy and with true hearts,

  • I think that last verse there is my favorite definition of true community. You can definitely be unified with someone simply for going after the same thing with them, but community is actually being together and interacting on a deeper level. I love breaking bread with my friends because over the dinner table, some really good fellowship takes place. Especially in the time after the meal is done and you’re just enjoying each others’ company.

  • good verses Isaac. i definitely long to see the talking together, breaking bread together, being joyful & true together really come into fullness in our day.

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