Top 5 Rapture Misconceptions:

#5: Rapture means “disappear while leaving a pile of clothes on the floor.” Actually ‘rapture’ is taken from the Greek word ‘harpazo’ (latin: rapturo) which means ‘caught up’. Think ascending visibly like Christ at the ascension in Acts 1. #4: The rapture will be secretive. The rapture will not be secretive but a glorious displayContinue reading “Top 5 Rapture Misconceptions:”

Prayer – the Beginning and the End

Under the premise that man’s purpose is union with God (Jn. 17:24), prayer is both the catalyst and the ongoing result of a move of the Spirit. For prayer is not a religious practice for the pious, but the vehicle of ongoing relationship with the uncreated God. Think of the man who doesn’t talk toContinue reading “Prayer – the Beginning and the End”

Life in the Millennium (Part 3) – David’s Throne

I will eventually get the subject of this series – Life in the Millennium. But for now I’m content to establish some introductory understanding concerning the foundations of this Messianic Kingdom, as well as learning a great deal myself. I think one of the greatest benefits to the church today would be to experience theContinue reading “Life in the Millennium (Part 3) – David’s Throne”

Life in the Millennium (Part 2)- The King

Any believer when asked would agree that Jesus is King. He is given the title King many times throughout scripture. I believe the Lord would call the corporate body of Christ to some understanding of what His Kingship entails. For while we  nobly attribute the title “King” to our Lord Christ, many times we fallContinue reading “Life in the Millennium (Part 2)- The King”

Life in the Millennium (Part 1) – The Kingdom

In modern days, few believers have sought to grasp the truth of the millennial kingdom. Most have received the Lord into their heart and have sought to “bring the kingdom” into the various aspects of their lives – and rightly so.  What we need to understand about the kingdom is that it is meant toContinue reading “Life in the Millennium (Part 1) – The Kingdom”

The Millennnial Kingdom

The millennial Kingdom is the most revealed prophetic theme in the Bible. It is the fulfillment of the hundreds of verses concerning the rule of Messiah from Jerusalem. If you’re only beginning your study of the millennial kingdom, I would suggest starting with Revelation 20-21 and Isaiah 2, & 11. Of course, there are manyContinue reading “The Millennnial Kingdom”

What Is It About Beauty?

Have you ever stopped and really pondered beauty?  There is someting about beauty that draws the human heart into wonder and fascination. What is it that defines beauty? The Father in heaven is committed to several things. Firstly, He will give Yeshua the full reward of His suffering (Is. 53).  Secondly, He will set HisContinue reading “What Is It About Beauty?”

Four Ways of Interpreting Prophetic Scripture

1.) Idealist – The idealist sees prophetic scripture in an allegorical sense depicting the ongoing struggle between good and evil. This interpretation makes prophetic scripture applicable for all generations of believers, yet minimizes the significance of it because it does not see a substantial fulfillment of such prophecy. 2.) Historicist- the historicist sees prophecy scriptureContinue reading “Four Ways of Interpreting Prophetic Scripture”