George Tiller

george tillerYesterday, the infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller, was shot and killed inside the Reformed Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kansas. For years pro-life movements have been after Tiller with everything from prayer, to protests, to lawsuits, to threats, and now wicked violence. When I heard about what had happened, I felt sick. The phrase that came to mind was, “The justice of man is short of the justice of God.” When man enacts God’s plans and purposes the result is more grief and pain.

I have personally prayed for George Tiller’s salvation for several years after the Lord apprehended my heart concerning the issue of abortion in America. When we think of God’s judgment, mostly what we’re imagining is what ‘we’ would do if we were God. God uses judgment to produce love, not death. We may look at the death of Tiller with indifference and a sigh of, “Justice has been served.” I believe true justice would have been that Tiller’s deception was ‘exposed’ as greatly erroneous and disconnected from soundness of mind and Godliness. This may be seen as a victory for the pro-life movement, but is violent bloodshed really retribution for the same? Can we honestly expect that the number of aborted babies will decline now that Tiller is gone?

If one has never seen pictures, or done research, of the ‘intact dilation and extraction‘ (late-term abortion) method of killing babies I’d suggest it as an important eye-opening experience. What this man did for a living, and what he was respected by so many for, was so insidiously heinous and evil there are few words to express. Over the course of his career, this man killed countless thousands of babies at the near time of delivery. These were not fetus’s, they were not masses of cells, or blood clots – they were children.

Browsing through the news articles related to this story, several lines jumped out at me.

CNNThe National Organization for Women, which supports abortion rights, called Tiller’s killing an act of “domestic terrorism.” And NARAL Pro-Choice America said Tiller had worked for years under “intense harassment tinged with persistent threats of violence.

What the NOW organization is saying is that the man who killed Tiller is on the same level as Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussien, suicide bombers, and the men who hijacked aircraft for the 9/11 attacks in New York. Honestly? Let’s put Tiller’s track record into the NOW’s equation for a minute. Tiller actually was a domestic terrorist and worked for years to enact the intense harrassment of babies filled with actual violence unto death. Secondly, I’d like to point out that there is no reason to believe that Tiller’s slaying was linked with his work as an abortionist until the suspect is examined and his motives are determined. Will this be used to fuel the rights of these murderous organizations? Of course. As we can see the NOW is already jumping up and down in a frenzy calling for blood.

Another from CNN – If [thanks for that CNN ; )] Tiller was killed because of his work, he would be the fourth U.S. physician killed over abortion since 1993. In 1998, a sniper killed Dr. Barnett Slepian in his Amherst, New York, home. Anti-abortion activist James Kopp was later arrested in France and is serving life in prison. In 1994, Dr. John Bayard Britton and one of his volunteer escorts were shot and killed outside an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida. Paul Hill, a former minister, was convicted of the killings and executed in 2003. And in 1993, another doctor, David Gunn, was shot to death outside another Pensacola clinic. His killer, Michael Griffin, is serving a life sentence.

CNN went over the top and dug up all the dirt on the radical pro-lifers they could find. What did they come up with? Four abortion-related killings. Are four killings justifiable by the law? No. Is the government willing to justify 50 million murders since the 70’s? Yes, and they’re willing to pour money and propaganda into it. What we need to realize is that the liberal community of America is painting conservative Christians into a corner with other ‘well known’ mass murders. They’ll dress up a woman’s Catholic prayer group as Nazi soldiers bent on death and greed. They’ll threaten prayer meetings outside of their death clinics with weapons. What they want our children to believe is that every pro-lifer has a gun in one hand and bomb in the other, like the four…really four…men who did.

My prayer is for the Tiller family; that their eyes would be opened to the Lord.


2 thoughts on “George Tiller

  • There is an interesting article in Charisma this morning.
    Loren Sanford points out that God is not judging America over the abortion or any other issue.

    It is the church that God is judging.

    We really don’t love these people.

    Saying that we are praying for someone’s salvation really doesn’t cut it.

    The unchristian attitude reeks even though we say that we are praying for someones’ salvation.

    We breathe out hostility toward abortion, but we are the ones being judged by God, not America or the abortionists.

    Here’s the link.

    I think that Sanford maybe is the best prophet in America right now.

  • I agree that ‘judgment’ begins in the house of the Lord. I’m having a hard time following that Tiller’s death is a judgment on the church. Is that what you’re saying/implying? In the article you posted abortion isn’t mentioned.

    You said, ‘We really don’t love these people.’ Who are these people? And how do we love them?



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