Four Ways of Interpreting Prophetic Scripture

1.) Idealist – The idealist sees prophetic scripture in an allegorical sense depicting the ongoing struggle between good and evil. This interpretation makes prophetic scripture applicable for all generations of believers, yet minimizes the significance of it because it does not see a substantial fulfillment of such prophecy.
2.) Historicist- the historicist sees prophecy scripture as fulfilled progressively throughout history. The events, symbols, and judgments appear in various historical events such as: the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, the spreading of the gospel after Pentecost, the rise of Islam, WWII etc.
3.) Preterist – the preterist interprets all biblical prophecy as being fulfilled by 70AD during the destruction of Jerusalem by Roman armies. This fulfillment includes the rise of Antichrist, the Second Coming of Jesus, the numbered judgments in the book of Revelation etc
4.) Futurist – the futurist sees fulfillment of biblical prophecy as mostly future events that have not occurred yet. This interpretation includes the coming of Antichrist and the Antichrist empire, a 7-year tribulation, the Second Coming of Jesus, the millennial reign etc as all future events.

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