The Battle for Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the most unique city on the earth. Everyone has an opinion on it. It divides, it unites, it infuriates; rejoicing and sorrow have filled its ancient streets. Is there any other like it? During its long history, Jerusalem has been attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, besieged 23 times, and destroyed twice.Continue reading “The Battle for Jerusalem”

Is America a Christian Nation?

Never has there been a Christian nation. Yes, you read that right. A common idea espoused by well-meaning American Christians, it’s time that this idea falls into the shadows of a bygone fantasy. A wake up call is needed. Merely building a nation’s governmental value system upon so-called Judaeo-Christian beliefs never forged a Christian nationContinue reading “Is America a Christian Nation?”

Life in the Millennium (Part 2)- The King

Any believer when asked would agree that Jesus is King. He is given the title King many times throughout scripture. I believe the Lord would call the corporate body of Christ to some understanding of what His Kingship entails. For while we¬† nobly attribute the title “King” to our Lord Christ, many times we fallContinue reading “Life in the Millennium (Part 2)- The King”

The Millennnial Kingdom

The millennial Kingdom is the most revealed prophetic theme in the Bible. It is the fulfillment of the hundreds of verses concerning the rule of Messiah from Jerusalem. If you’re only beginning your study of the millennial kingdom, I would suggest starting with Revelation 20-21 and Isaiah 2, & 11. Of course, there are manyContinue reading “The Millennnial Kingdom”