The Power of Asking

Intercession is a the most powerful force given to man. Its possibilities are infinite because God is infinite. His power knows no bounds, His strength is unfettered. In Luke 18, Jesus gives a parable of a widow who is relentless in her pursuit of justice from an unjust judge. Eventually, she wearies such a man and he gives to her all that she needs. There is much to be said about persistence aimed at even the hardest heart. Her persistence broke through his nature of injustice and received the fullness of what she required. The prayer of a righteous man avails much; or as another thought: it avails what was before impossible. When we begin to look at the master behind the door on which the intercessor unceasingly knocks, we find not a cruel judge, but a Being of goodness and generosity. God is not an unjust judge, and His bride far from widowhood.

Jesus tells his disciples that the principle of availing intercession is steadfast “asking, seeking, and knocking.” The answer is sure, the “when” is not. Though a request may begin in the flesh, after much seeking, the fire of a delayed answer will purify the heart like gold and align the will with the Father’s. The power of this “delayed” answer is more valuable than all the riches life can offer. For through its heat, it boils down the desire of the seeker until it glows with what is true, noble, and holy.

The intercessor need not wait for a burden to begin prayer, they need only begin in prayer and the burden will come. If he waits for the burden before opening his mouth, he may wait for decades before even beginning to pray. His prayer will birth more prayer, his desire give way to greater desire.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Asking

  • i love the wisdom i read in your posts. this whole post was great, but i especially love the last paragraph about where prayer needs to start. “. . they need only begin in prayer and the burden will come.” so good.
    I really feel that God has put me in a season of faith and to ask for the things i cant understand or fathom and i am leaning heavily on those 2 verses, the persistent widow and the ask seek knock bits.
    Isaac thanks for writing here, it always leads to me to good place in my prayers.

  • I never saw that contrast before in the parable of the unjust judge that Jesus drew here. That rocks! we arn’t widowed and He isn’t unjust!! GREAT HOPE!!

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