A Common Response to the Presidential Election

This has been such an interesting election. I think that I’ve learned more concerning the election process, the moral and political stance of our nation, and been far more interested in the presidential and vice presidential candidates than any other previous election.

Responses from the conservative christian camp has ranged from anger and confusion to happiness and everything in between. I think the main response from conservatives right now has been confusion and disappointment.

I recently watched a recording that, in my mind, summed up this election from a spiritual standpoint. This election was a great and terrible day.

It was a great day because our nation voted African-American man into presidential office. This is a huge victory for America and for many other nations abroad. In this sense, Obama overcame huge odds, generations of racial segregation and malice, and ultimately won the favor of white Americans who believed in his leadership.

At the same time, this was an extremely terrible day. Our president elect is one of the most liberal politicians in Washington on the issues of abortion and homosexual marriage. Our nation chose a path that didn’t just register in the voting booths but registered in the courts of heaven. On November 5th, it was registered in the courts of heaven that this nation will continue to compromise of the sanctity of life and marriage. The blood-guilt of America, if Obama holds to his political record, will dramatically increase over the next 4 years. The sanctity of marriage will begin to deteriorate as the door to homosexuality is opened in a new way to the next generation. America’s relationship and support of Israel, if Obama holds to his political agenda, will significantly be compromised over the next 4 years.

Our victories: America has voted in the first African-American president. Same sex marriage was banned in California.

Our defeat: The safety of the unborn will remain unchallenged. The same-sex marriage agenda will gain spiritual and political ground. The land allotted to Israel may be scaled back and given to Arab nations who seek her demise.

How we pray: We pray for our leaders. We bless President-elect Barak Obama and ask the Lord to pour our provision, protection, and increase on his life and administration. We ask the Lord to awaken the church to discernment in prayer and their heart-stance toward our leaders. We continue in prayer for the unborn and the preservation of the sanctity of marriage and the protection of Israel.

One thought on “A Common Response to the Presidential Election

  • its such a different perspective for people to pray for someone that we dont so much like or agree with. but, what does bashing him or throwing dirt on him do for us…ya know. it was a huge day…and i am glad for that. but, we have to place our worries on our Jesus, that is a redeemer. I like that i can read what you write Ike. its good to see your face on facebook and hear you here. hope to connect with you again sometime.

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