Castles and Calvary

There is a difference between resisting an enemy and defeating an enemy. Both require a great amount of strategy and work. Both require a great investment of emotional and physical strength. The most difficult enemy to face is one that cannot be ultimately defeated, though they may have set-backs they just will not go away!

When it comes to the sin of our carnal flesh, we can either suppress that sin or by the grace of God defeat it. Suppressing it is easier than defeating it. Even the Pharisees could suppress their outward sin. But as we know the Lord looks at the heart. I believe that most Christians spend a lot of time suppressing their sin. Why? Because it’s easier to build up walls of defense against an enemy compared to sharpening your sword and going out to kill the enemy. This is what I believe American Christianity has been boiled down to: “Do not touch, do not taste”.

But is there more?

Defeating sin comes at a great price. That price has been paid. That price was the precious blood of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. His gift of salvation is free, but the life lived to Him afterward is not. It comes at a great cost. For Christ to defeat sin He had to leave His heavenly dwelling – His castle, if you will. He came low. He came humble. He came and dwelt among the sweat and dirt of mankind. He came as low as He possibly could, thereby, fully surrendering EVERYTHING defensible against the pain of life and the influence of the evil one.

Christ’s picture of defeat is our template for victory. No, we don’t have to die for our sins, but we must die to self. We have to surrender everything to the One who has the victory. If we want the victory we must fully embrace the Victorious One. We must, by the grace of God, fully surrender every of our lives, embrace the Lamb that we may share in HIS defeat of sin that we may truly live.

What is the cost of victory? Everything.

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