The scroll that is in the right hand of the Father right now still has to be opened. This event that John saw in Revelation 5 has not yet occurred. This scroll signifies the title deed of the earth – its seven seals the action plan necessary to bring about the fullness of the scroll’s content. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God, yet is still waiting for His enemies to be put under His feet (Heb 10:12-13).

Samuel anoints David as king and for about 20 years David is fleeing for His life. He spends time as the anoinnted king of Israel hiding in caves fleeing the wrath of Saul. Can you image spending 20 years waiting to come into the fullness of your anointing? Probably, many of you have. We all have prophetic promises over our lives and it’s easy to become discouraged when we feel we’re not walking in what the Lord has called us to.

Jesus has been at the right hand of the Father for the last 2000 years! Waiting! He could have taken what was rightfully His when He ascended. Jesus is like a wise farmer who sows his seed, and waits patiently for the growth of the wheat. He does not rush out to his fields at the first sign of a few sprouts, rather, he waits for the fullness of the fruit to grow up out of the land. Then, when the timing is right, he leaves his house and reaps a great harvest.

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