It must end

It has been a while since I’ve posted, my apologies for this. Lack of content really, and lack of a computer hard drive which decided to toss in the towel early last week.

I came across a couple of quotes from a book called “Hitler and the Holocaust”. When I read them, I was burdened again for the unborn in our nation in light of some of ’08 Presidential Candidates agendas concerning babies in the womb. The popular author and dramatist Ben Hecht, hoping to pierce the veil of silence around the tragedy of the Jewish people during the Holocaust –

“The corpse of a people lies on the steps of civilization. Behold it. Here it is! And no voice is heard to cry halt to the slaughter, no government speaks to bid the murder of human millions end.”

During the Holocaust, and estimated 6 million lives were horrifically taken. Men, women, children, parents, doctors, lawyers, musicians, pastors, politicians were consumed by evil.  Those who were seemingly negligible were annihilated alongside the influential. Death did not have peticular appetite then, nor does it now. Vote for the next generation.

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