Is America a Christian Nation?

Never has there been a Christian nation. Yes, you read that right. A common idea espoused by well-meaning American Christians, it’s time that this idea falls into the shadows of a bygone fantasy. A wake up call is needed. Merely building a nation’s governmental value system upon so-called Judaeo-Christian beliefs never forged a Christian nation as much as hanging the 10 commandments in a court room caused criminals to like Moses.

The Christian expression of faith isn’t built upon the idea of national conquest enacted by believers themselves. This idea is precisely one of the key factors that laid the stumbling stone of offense at the feet of the first century Jew. There was great, generational anticipation that Messiah would enact a military/political conquest, subdue Israel’s surrounding enemies and American-Flag2usher in the golden age that the prophets so beautifully (and accurately) foretold.

When Jesus, who claimed to be the Son of God, King of the Jews, and Savior didn’t do this exact thing, he was rejected en masse; even his closest friends and family doubted. Jesus put to rest the timing of this notion quite plainly before His ascension. He never denied it. There will be an earthly conquest in the Father’s timing, done the Father’s way.

If a militant/political campaign will happen, how and when and more importantly by whom, must be seriously considered.

The Christian faith declares the kingdom of heaven. Jesus and John both attested that kingdom of heaven was at hand, and the proper response was to “repent and be baptized for the remission of sins.” Salvation by grace through faith gains entrance into that kingdom. The King of that kingdom is Christ, and the capital of that kingdom is Jerusalem. To say it plainly, the fullness of that kingdom on earth is enacted by Christ, through Israel AFTER His enemies are made His footstool.

It is Christ Himself, not we, that wage the national/political war, bring the sword upon the earth until the kingdoms of this world are the kingdoms of our God. Conquest requires war and the weapons of warfare of the believer are not against kings and armies but are “mighty in God, for the pulling down of strongholds.” Worship, intercession and the power of the Holy Spirit are the primary means that God’s kingdom is advanced in the earth.

The faulty notion that America IS or WAS a Christian nation is, in my opinion, a misunderstanding of the role of believers before the coming of the King. To be a Christian nation, the adherents must be governed by Christ. The American governmental system has been a democratic republic for the last 300 years, a far cry (albeit possibly the very best of the bad options) from the Kingdom of the Christ . The first nation to be governed (in the fullest sense) by Christ will be Israel; all the nations will be submissive to Him as he rules with a rod of iron. Yet many Christians busy themselves worrying about making America the so-called “Christian nation it once was.” 

The hope of the believer is not in a Christian president who legislates Christian law. Our hope is Christ, His coming kingdom, and His commitment to make the wrong things right, judging the nations with righteousness and justice. More a full Senate or Congress America needs full prayer meetings, full altars, and more importantly hearts that filled with absolute love for Jesus.

The Church must set herself into the divine order of scripture as a witness to the nation’s, crying out day and night until the justice of the Lord is hastened and Jesus returns to the earth.