Top 5 Rapture Misconceptions:

#5: Rapture means “disappear while leaving a pile of clothes on the floor.”

Actually ‘rapture’ is taken from the Greek word ‘harpazo’ (latin: rapturo) which means ‘caught up’. Think ascending visibly like Christ at the ascension in Acts 1.

#4: The rapture will be secretive.

The rapture will not be secretive but a glorious display of light, glory, and fire. Believers will meet Christ in the sky who is shouting, singing, and stirring himself like a man of war (Is. 42). Paul describes the changing of the believers body as putting on immortality and power; he likens the resurrected body to stars shining (1 Cor 15). This will not be a hidden event.

#3: The rapture will take Christians to heaven.

The rapture, as depicted in scripture, will take Christians to the SKY to meet our returning Christ, the previously sleeping saints coming from heaven, and all the angels (1 Thess 4:17). It will be a glorious reunion in the sky as we are united with believers from all of history and see Christ face to face.

#2: The Rapture may happen at ‘any moment’.

Scripture is quite clear that the rapture will not happen at any moment. 2 Thess. 2:1, 3 says that the rapture will be preceded by two unmistakable events: 1) The great falling away (apostasy) from faith in Jesus; 2) The man of lawlessness (the Antichrist) will rise to power declaring himself to be god.

#1: The rapture will happen tomorrow ; )

The rapture will not happen tomorrow. Nor is this the common belief of Christians across the earth. The rapture will happen however at the coming of Christ.