What Is It About Beauty?

Have you ever stopped and really pondered beauty?  There is someting about beauty that draws the human heart into wonder and fascination. What is it that defines beauty?

The Father in heaven is committed to several things. Firstly, He will give Yeshua the full reward of His suffering (Is. 53).  Secondly, He will set His Son as King on the holy hill of Zion in Jerusalem to be King over the nations (Ps.  2). And thirdly (before number 2 is fully manifest) He will reveal His Son as beautiful. Isaiah saw part of the eternal plan of God to reveal Yeshua’s shining beauty before the nations -Isa 33:17  “Thine eyes shall see the king [Yeshua] in his beauty…”

It is interesting to note that all beauty stems from the creator of beauty. This is what Isaiah saw in Is. 4:2 –  “In that day shall the branch of the LORD be beautiful and glorious…”.  Yeshua is the branch that grew from the root of Jesse. Yeshua isn’t immediately beautiful before all the nations because Father loves the process of growth. He took time to send His Son as a Child (Is 9) and let that child learn obedience (Heb. 5:8), grow into man who would lay down His life for all; now He is waiting at the right hand of the Father to receive His full inheritance and be shown to all the nations as Beautiful. All that is truly beautiful, all that is truly good, came from God. Sometimes I like to think of Him as the author of beauty – all the does, all that He says, all that He creates is beautiful.