The kindness of the Lord

I’ve been thinking about the kindness of the Lord today,  specifically His unrelenting commitment to humble us.  The Lord is more committed to humbling us than making our lives, relationships, or ministries flourish. This may seem like a harsh thing but the Lord is about glorifying Himself and His Son above all else- and rightly so.  It’s actually through humility that we are made great in the eyes of the Lord; through our weakness His strength is made perfect. Many times the things in our life that annoy or frustrate us are because the Lord is kindly leading us into humility and meekness. We all (as believers) agree that God has called us into blessing and destiny, but this blessing is not found apart from His kingdom. Jesus said in Matthew 5 that to receive the inheritance of the nations as co-rulers with Christ one must embrace meekness. Much the same as Christ became poor for our sakes that we may be rich (2 Cor 8:9), so he has now called into the poverty of spirit in order to receive full reward. Poverty of spirit means that we acknowledge our total dependence on Him and we are devoid of all that is good. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to seek meekness and desire the searching of the Lord in our hearts.

Ask yourself when things get difficult, “Is the Lord inviting me into meekness for later reward?”


God loves prayer. Why wouldn’t He? It’s through prayer that His bride talks to Him, worships Him, and shows her devotion to Him. Just as a husband and wife spend hours together conversing, laughing, and communicating, so Jesus longs to do with us. To minimize the communication of a relationship is to simply disregard the most important aspect of that relationship. Relationships are about “relating” various aspects of ones thoughts, feelings, and emotions to another. Through this “relation”, understanding and love is given the seed bed to grow and mature.

In Revelation 8 we see the bride operating in this maturity. She has grown to a place of understanding and wholeheartedness toward her Beloved (Jesus). She doesn’t ask according to her own will, but according the desire of her Bridegroom. Her supplication doesn’t simply evoke emotion in her own heart but evokes emotion and response from heaven. Just like when a wife feels deep emotion and communicates those feelings towards her husband – he begins to feel the same and will do all that is in his power to vindicate her. Why? Because He loves her. He is jealous to see her justified and honored. This prayer ascending to Him is like sweet incense. He knows that she asks according to His desire. Just as He sacrificed His life for her, she now sacrifices her life for Him.

You have a Judge who is dedicated to seeing you honored and glorified. He will stop at nothing.

What is your response when hearing that God will kill your enemies?