The scroll that is in the right hand of the Father right now still has to be opened. This event that John saw in Revelation 5 has not yet occurred. This scroll signifies the title deed of the earth – its seven seals the action plan necessary to bring about the fullness of the scroll’s content. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God, yet is still waiting for His enemies to be put under His feet (Heb 10:12-13).

Samuel anoints David as king and for about 20 years David is fleeing for His life. He spends time as the anoinnted king of Israel hiding in caves fleeing the wrath of Saul. Can you image spending 20 years waiting to come into the fullness of your anointing? Probably, many of you have. We all have prophetic promises over our lives and it’s easy to become discouraged when we feel we’re not walking in what the Lord has called us to.

Jesus has been at the right hand of the Father for the last 2000 years! Waiting! He could have taken what was rightfully His when He ascended. Jesus is like a wise farmer who sows his seed, and waits patiently for the growth of the wheat. He does not rush out to his fields at the first sign of a few sprouts, rather, he waits for the fullness of the fruit to grow up out of the land. Then, when the timing is right, he leaves his house and reaps a great harvest.

The Power of Asking – part 2

Jesus, in Luke 11, highlights the power of unceasing prayer. He tells His disciples that through persistence their requests will be given. Paul echos this revelation with his exhortation to the church of Colossi, “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving…”

This principle for asking does not only apply to righteous requests – but also to wicked petition. Jesus says, “Everyone who asks receives…” This applies not only to the believer, but to the unbeliever. We may ask, “When does the unbeliever pray?”  Consider the idea of body language. Here’s an example:

A wife asks her husband to take out the trash. He responds by rolling his eyes and giving a short sigh. While he may not say with his lips that he doesn’t want to take out the trash, his body language, and more importantly his heart, say otherwise.

The same idea applies to the “lifestyle intercession” of the unbeliever. The unbeliever is knocking on the door to heaven through their lifestyles rooted in pride, self-want, ambition etc. And they are asking for more darkness by continuing to agree with and fuel iniquity in their hearts. If they continue to harden their heart towards the cross, God will give them what they want by hardening their heart for them. In Exodus this exact thing happens to Pharaoh. Pharaoh hardens his own heart for the first 5 plagues; then God begins to harden Pharaoh’s heart for him beginning with the sixth plague.

What mercy!

The Power of Asking

Intercession is a the most powerful force given to man. Its possibilities are infinite because God is infinite. His power knows no bounds, His strength is unfettered. In Luke 18, Jesus gives a parable of a widow who is relentless in her pursuit of justice from an unjust judge. Eventually, she wearies such a man and he gives to her all that she needs. There is much to be said about persistence aimed at even the hardest heart. Her persistence broke through his nature of injustice and received the fullness of what she required. The prayer of a righteous man avails much; or as another thought: it avails what was before impossible. When we begin to look at the master behind the door on which the intercessor unceasingly knocks, we find not a cruel judge, but a Being of goodness and generosity. God is not an unjust judge, and His bride far from widowhood.

Jesus tells his disciples that the principle of availing intercession is steadfast “asking, seeking, and knocking.” The answer is sure, the “when” is not. Though a request may begin in the flesh, after much seeking, the fire of a delayed answer will purify the heart like gold and align the will with the Father’s. The power of this “delayed” answer is more valuable than all the riches life can offer. For through its heat, it boils down the desire of the seeker until it glows with what is true, noble, and holy.

The intercessor need not wait for a burden to begin prayer, they need only begin in prayer and the burden will come. If he waits for the burden before opening his mouth, he may wait for decades before even beginning to pray. His prayer will birth more prayer, his desire give way to greater desire.

A Common Response to the Presidential Election

This has been such an interesting election. I think that I’ve learned more concerning the election process, the moral and political stance of our nation, and been far more interested in the presidential and vice presidential candidates than any other previous election.

Responses from the conservative christian camp has ranged from anger and confusion to happiness and everything in between. I think the main response from conservatives right now has been confusion and disappointment.

I recently watched a recording that, in my mind, summed up this election from a spiritual standpoint. This election was a great and terrible day.

It was a great day because our nation voted African-American man into presidential office. This is a huge victory for America and for many other nations abroad. In this sense, Obama overcame huge odds, generations of racial segregation and malice, and ultimately won the favor of white Americans who believed in his leadership.

At the same time, this was an extremely terrible day. Our president elect is one of the most liberal politicians in Washington on the issues of abortion and homosexual marriage. Our nation chose a path that didn’t just register in the voting booths but registered in the courts of heaven. On November 5th, it was registered in the courts of heaven that this nation will continue to compromise of the sanctity of life and marriage. The blood-guilt of America, if Obama holds to his political record, will dramatically increase over the next 4 years. The sanctity of marriage will begin to deteriorate as the door to homosexuality is opened in a new way to the next generation. America’s relationship and support of Israel, if Obama holds to his political agenda, will significantly be compromised over the next 4 years.

Our victories: America has voted in the first African-American president. Same sex marriage was banned in California.

Our defeat: The safety of the unborn will remain unchallenged. The same-sex marriage agenda will gain spiritual and political ground. The land allotted to Israel may be scaled back and given to Arab nations who seek her demise.

How we pray: We pray for our leaders. We bless President-elect Barak Obama and ask the Lord to pour our provision, protection, and increase on his life and administration. We ask the Lord to awaken the church to discernment in prayer and their heart-stance toward our leaders. We continue in prayer for the unborn and the preservation of the sanctity of marriage and the protection of Israel.

God’s Mercy

In the recent event surrounding the presidential election some difficult emotions have been aroused in my heart. Questions like: “Did we as the praying and fasting community miss it? Was it part of God’s sovereign plan to allow Barak Obama to be elected? What does this mean for the unborn and Israel? Are we going to miss God’s mercy at other future junctures where must more is at stake?”

My carnal man is irked (a nice word for mad) at the media for painting our new president as some sort of acclaimed hero. The other day on public radio I heard this little ditty that nearly made me swerve off the highway, “The blood of Martin Luther King Jr. went into the ground so that Obama could make it into office.”

Let’s be real people, King was not martyred (yes, martyred) to put Obama in office.

I feel more spiritually provoked and bankrupt than ever before. How shall we endure much more intense battles if our prayer goes unheard? From my perspective we lost this battle. Clearly. What happens when the stakes our higher and our lives actually depend directly to answered prayer? It make one ask the questions, “Could more have been done? Did I really sow my strength into prayer?” It’s this gnawing feeling in my gut that is telling me that I’m not really that committed to prayer and fasting and I have much unbelief to weed out of the garden of my heart.

God is good. Save Obama. Amen.

It must end

It has been a while since I’ve posted, my apologies for this. Lack of content really, and lack of a computer hard drive which decided to toss in the towel early last week.

I came across a couple of quotes from a book called “Hitler and the Holocaust”. When I read them, I was burdened again for the unborn in our nation in light of some of ’08 Presidential Candidates agendas concerning babies in the womb. The popular author and dramatist Ben Hecht, hoping to pierce the veil of silence around the tragedy of the Jewish people during the Holocaust –

“The corpse of a people lies on the steps of civilization. Behold it. Here it is! And no voice is heard to cry halt to the slaughter, no government speaks to bid the murder of human millions end.”

During the Holocaust, and estimated 6 million lives were horrifically taken. Men, women, children, parents, doctors, lawyers, musicians, pastors, politicians were consumed by evil.  Those who were seemingly negligible were annihilated alongside the influential. Death did not have peticular appetite then, nor does it now. Vote for the next generation.